Alastair McLeod is a celebrity chef who loves the ‘pressure cooker’ environment of a commercial kitchen. He also loves to use fresh locally produced ingredients in his cooking and revels in the opportunity to promote local products.

Alastair is a regular on television programs and has appeared on Ready Steady Cook, Q Weekend and Off The Eaten Track.  He is also a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers, sharing his passion and knowledge of the extensive range of fresh produce available to us in Australia.

A passionate exponent of all things local, Alastair is a vibrant, passionate and exuberant chef.

While he unashamedly loves the media work and the opportunity that brings to motivate and inspire people to share his passion for food – there is nothing he likes better than being in the kitchen. Alastair was classically trained at a number of Michelin listed restaurants in Ireland, Scotland, France and Italy.  His decision to move to Brisbane was largely influenced by the stunning array of fresh farm produce and food products on its doorstep. Alastair likens living and working in Queensland as being a kid in a candy store.

He is passionate about the use of local produce in his cooking for a number of reasons. He maintains the closer you are to the source of food production, products are fresher and taste better and fewer kilometers to market result in a smaller carbon footprint overall.

Alastair believes the food of Australia is as eclectic as his own history and family heritage – he’s a Scotsman trained in Italy and France but was born in Ireland to an Irish father and Australian mother with Sri Lankan, Filipino, Spanish, Danish and Thursday Islander blood in her veins.

Apart from his media commitments, Alastair is currently working on a new and exciting food related venture.