JERRY COLEBY-WILLIAMSJerry has been gardening since the age of four.  He qualified in horticultural estate management, arboriculture, landscape design, horticultural and botanical sciences from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. In 1982 Kew awarded Jerry a scholarship to study the flora of Western Australia. “It changed my life,” says Jerry. Captivated by the people, plants and places, he decided to emigrate.

Post-graduate work has included management of both public and private sector horticultural enterprises in Britain and Australia – nurseries, amenity tree maintenance, inner city parks and gardens, running a busy garden centre, and helping to establish Sydney’s Mt Annan Botanic Garden.

Jerry has been a consultant for Sydney city renovation projects, including Darling Park, Central Station, St Mary’s Cathedral, the Conservatorium of Music, and the Sydney International Airport. For eleven years, Jerry managed the horticultural estate at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

In 2003 Jerry moved to Bayside Brisbane to create a sustainable house and garden. His house generates solar power, recycles sewage and grey water, and harvests rainwater for house and garden use. The ornamental, subtropical front garden grows plants suited to natural rainfall and predicted climate change. In the back garden Jerry grows fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. There’s even a sustainable lawn, maintained by solar powered equipment. Everything is grown organically. See:

Jerry is a director of The Seed Savers’ Foundation, a community organisation which conserves rare and heritage plants, and is a member of the Australian Institute of Horticulture.